How can I help?

Looking Into The Future and Preserving The Past

The Abbey's work is immense and vital. Keeping this ancient building maintained and repaired, holding Abbey and other services daily, open and functioning for worshippers, pilgrims, visitors and attendees of the many events in the Abbey involves a huge amount of resources.

It costs over £20 AN HOUR just to keep the Abbey going - that is without counting the many hours willingly given by volunteers who assist in a multitude of ways. The Abbey receives no direct Government funding. Instead, it is the generosity of our congregation, volunteers, supporters and visitors - together with people like you, wherever they are in the world, who help us to ensure the Abbey remains open and free to all those who come to visit.

How You Can Help Pershore Abbey Financially

The easiest way to help is by making a donation. Please consider giving a contribution to:

Making a Donation

There are a number of ways a donation can be given:

  1. By using one of the donation boxes within the Abbey
  2. If you have a Charities Aid Account or Stewardship Account we welcome CAF cheques. (Please see and if you want more details)
  3. By contributing a cheque (made payable to Pershore Abbey PCC)
  4. Give As You Earn. This is the UK's largest payroll giving scheme. It's one of the easiest ways for people to give regularly to charity - plus it's flexible and tax efficient.Give As You Earn is operated through the workplace, and you need to be paid a salary or get your pension paid through PAYE. You tell your payroll department how much they want to give and who you want to give to and the money is automatically deducted from your pay packet before tax is taken out. Donations to the Abbey will then be paid directly into its Bank account on a monthly basis. Your payroll department will need details of the Abbey's Bank account as given on the downloadable Bank Standing Order form.
  5. By downloading and printing the Bank Standing Order and Gift Aid forms below

If you are a UK taxpayer, by completing the Gift Aid Declaration Form and returning it to us, you will enable us to reclaim the tax you have paid on your donations. If you are able to make a regular commitment and you can do it through your Bank please help us in that way. Although the Income Tax rate has been reduced to 20% the Chancellor has announced a measure to enable us to recover 28p for every pound you give us.

Making a Donation - Online -

If you have a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account then donations can be made online at

(The charity is listed as “PCC of the Ecclesiastical Parish of the Abbey Church of the Holy Cross Pershore” - a simple search for the town of “Pershore” will display a list which contains this charity.)

Due to the admin costs of this online facility we invite you to make a minimum donation of £40 - equivalent to 2 hours cost of maintaining the Abbey. If you are able to donate a larger sum - a few hours or perhaps a day - then feel free to make a bigger donation for God's work.

Forms to Download

If you do not have a printer please send a stamped addressed envelope to the address below requesting the relevant forms.

The Stewardship Officer
The Benefice Office
Alveston House
11 Broad Street
Worcestershire WR10 1BB

Make a Bequest - A legacy for the future

Leaving a gift to Pershore Abbey in your will is a personal way of ensuring that future generations can continue to discover and enjoy everything that the Abbey has to offer.

Legacy gifts are a tax-effective way of giving and are incredibly important to the Abbey. You can choose to leave a specific amount (pecuniary legacy) or a part of your estate (residuary legacy) once you have provided for those closest to you.

Your solicitor will be able to advise on suitable wording

See also: Abbey Legacy Policy

Thank you for your support

The Abbey brings people together every day of the year, providing a welcoming space for spiritual reflection, music, art, historical discovery, learning, friendship and community.

Donations are hugely important to the Abbey's future. It is thanks to the generosity of people who love the Abbey that we are able to protect its heritage and support its mission. You may live far away but, if you can, please help us with a Donation and pray that the lord will direct us to use it wisely. Thank you for your support.