Visiting The Abbey

We are delighted to be able to extend a warm welcome to everyone at Pershore Abbey. We hope that, as you visit the Abbey and contemplate its glorifying of the majesty of God, you will find in its peacefulness an inspiration for your spiritual journey and pilgrimage through life. God bless you on that journey.

Opening Hours

We are open every day from 8am to 5.30pm. Entry is free. Donations towards the running costs and conservation of this important historic building are always welcome.

Occasionally during the week we have Funeral or Memorial Services and on those occasions we would ask you explore the town first and to come back a little later.

Large Groups

If you are coming as a party we would ask you to pre-book via the Abbey Office (01386 552071). If required we can provide a guided tour.


You are most welcome to take photos for your private use. If you want to take photos for any commercial purpose you will require a licence and a charge will be payable.

All enquiries to the Abbey Office telephone 01386-552071

Sound and Video Recordings

All enquiries to the Abbey Office telephone 01386-552071

Entry Charges

The Abbey makes no charge for entry. We do however invite you to make a donation - preferably using Gift Aid - towards the running costs of the Abbey, its building and its works - in the large chest.